The National Latinx Psychological Association (NLPA) is a national organization of mental health professionals, academics, researchers, and students whose objective is to generate and advance psychological knowledge and foster its effective application for the benefit of the Latinx population.

NLPA roots go back as far as the 1970s, but the organization formally reorganized in 2002 and incorporated in Arizona, where its first national conference was held in 2004. Many of its professional, early career, graduate and undergraduate student members work in cities, rural areas, communities, hospitals, clinics, and universities across the USA.

NLPA’s membership represents a rich diversity of national background, ethnic and cultural origin and political ideology. NLPA does not presume to speak for all Latinx psychologists or psychologists interested in Latinx psychology. However, its members’ goal is to see a physical, psychological, and social environment for Latinxs in the USA that reflect the ideals of respect for mental health, dignity, and human and civil rights.

Collectively we are interested in:

  • The mental health needs of individuals who have a Latinx background and live in the USA.
  • Addressing the clinical work, research, teaching, training, and policy making of our members to better serve those individuals.

A Message from NLPA's President, Dr. Brian McNeil

Welcome to the National Latinx Psychological Association! Like my predecessors, I am both honored and humbled to serve as your president for 2019.

Our organization is not only dedicated to the psychological health of our gente, but also to issues of social justice that affect the health of Latinx populations. Our people are currently under an unprecedented assault of institutionalized racial hatred in the form of caging children and separating families at the border, tear-gassing of migrants, and denial of human rights to young people brought to this country by their parents looking for nothing more than a better life.  

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NLPA Joins Coalition of Advocates to Denounce the Violence Against Refugees at the US Border

The National Latinx Psychological Association (new name effective 1/1/19) denounces the unnecessary, despicable, and health-threatening use of tear gas on several hundred innocent people, including primarily women and children at the San Ysidro crossing as a new low for the Trump Administration.

The National Latinx Psychological Association urges the newly elected Congress to act quickly to cease the brutality at the U.S.-Mexico border.


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