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Mental Health in the Face of COVID-19:Building Strength During Uncertain Times - Click here for the English version

Salud Mental Durante COVID-19: Fortaleciéndonos en tiempos de Incertidumbre - Click here for Spanish version

En Boca Cerrada No Entran Moscas Pero...En la Union Esta La Fuerza: Famiy Communication

En Boca Cerrada No Entran Moscas Pero...En la Union Esta La Fuerza: Comunicación Familiar

Fostering Resilience in our Immigrant Families & Communities: Strategies for Building Support Groups in the Face of Adversity 

Fortaleciendo nuestras Familias y Comunidades Inmigrantes: Estrategias para crear Grupos de Apoyo ante la Adversidad



Latinx Pre-Doctoral Internship Directory

The 2020 Latinx Doctoral Internship Directory is here!  The directory provides specific information about sites, as provided by training directors.

It is the hope of NLPA that individuals who would like to focus their internship training on Latinx mental health will benefit from the information found in the directory, and that additional sites are added as internships are developed and expanded. Furthermore, we hope that this training results in the development of psychologists who are able to provide culturally competent services to the greater Latinx community.

Please read the cover page for information regarding the development and purpose of the directory, as well as to learn a little about NLPA.  To use the directory, please click on the NLPA Internship Directory tab at the bottom of the file. From there, you are able to narrow sites down by location, accreditation status, availability of specific Latino-oriented training, etc.

Download the directory here.
*Please note: This directory is for informational purposes only. NLPA does not endorse or cannot attest to the credibility of these sites. Please exercise personal and professional judgment as you consider this information.