Our Mission

is to create a supportive professional community that advances psychological education and training, science, practice, and organizational change to enhance the health, mental health, and well-being of Hispanic/Latina/o populations.


Our Objectives are:

  1. Generate, promote, and advance Latina/o Psychology in the United States and globally;
  2. Cultivate relevant and effective psychological science, practice, education, and training in order to build knowledge, foster research, and/or promote culturally competent delivery of services;
  3. Promote and encourage the efforts of professionals that have demonstrated a sustained commitment and dedication to Latina/o Psychology through exceptional research, practice, and/or education and training efforts that have contributed to the discipline/field and/or to the health and well-being of Hispanic/Latina/o communities/populations;
  4. Encourage the educational and professional advancement of Latina/o psychologists and students by identifying and reporting on research, education, and training programs that effectively prepare Latina/o psychologists and facilitate cooperation among them;
  5. Cultivate and promote open communication with members and leaders of Latina/o communities, organizations, institutions, and society at large for our mutual education and understanding;
  6. Promote awareness and understanding of issues and concerns that Latina/o psychologists, students, and/or mental health professionals might have related to their personal, educational and/or professional experiences;
  7. Encourage and assist in the advancement of psychological science, knowledge, research, practice, education, service, and training that educates, informs, and influences public knowledge and awareness of Latina/o Psychology, as well as public/institutional policy-makers that may be relevant to and/or affects Latinas/os at the national, regional, state, and local levels.