Advocacy in Action

NLPA develops and implements social justice advocacy projects in collaboration with NLPA members, Latinx-serving organizations, and women's, LGBTQA+, ethnic minority, and other national psychology associations that partner with us on initiatives that benefit our members and those we serve. In addition, NLPA informs and advises policymakers and government agencies regarding education, assessment, treatment, and scientific research relevant to the psychological well-being of Latinx populations. 

Government and Policy
As an association, NLPA has been actively involved in responding to various injustices perpetrated against the Latina/o community at the local, state, and national level. Our membership is committed to the fair and equitable treatment of all individuals, and as such are swift to speak out against any and all actions taken against those individuals whose voices go unheard. Below is a brief description of statements (click link for full statement) that have been written by the NLPA or written by sister organizations to which the NLPA has signed onto on a variety of issues of significance to our membership.



The NLPA is an organization united by our commitment to the greater good. This can take many shapes, and includes providing information to its membership around disaster relief resources. Our members can assist communities in need through a variety of means, such as:

  1. Donating (e.g., money, clothing, and non-perishable items)
  2. Volunteering
  3. Advocating and mobilizing other resources, to name a few.


NLPA engages in nonpartisan advocacy against inequities and injustices of immigration systems, practices, and policies.  Please see below for Latinx mental health advocacy resources related to immigration.

This document aims to identify resources and services (e.g., mental health, forensic, research, evaluation) in each state that assists undocumented and immigrants communities. Please feel free to add any relevant resources to this document. The organization of this document is led by Dr. Gabriela Hurtado [email protected].

Allied Organizations