2021 NLPA Conference
General Sessions and Keynote Addresses 


Interactive Plenary Opening Session – Symposia
Friday October 15, 2021
8:00 to 9:30 AM PST

Deconstructing Scenarios of Immigrant and American Born Mexican Americans (CE)

Jaime Cortez, MFA
Critically acclaimed, award-winning author, activist, visual artist, HIV/AIDS specialist, teacher and occasional performer

Eduardo Morales, PhD, Chair
Distinguished Professor of Alliant International University
Executive Director of AGUILAS
President of National Latinx Psychological Association

Through interactive dialogue with attendees, the symposia will examine the complexities of various scenarios, presented about immigrant and American born Mexican Americans, and deconstructed in order to understand the underlying dynamics that contribute to the stressors and issues experienced that is embedded in a cultural context. Program participants will develop a deeper understanding of how the intersectionality issues and the culturally based strategies act to enhance reliance factors and how they function for each scenario. The resultant discussions will enhance the knowledge base and help attendees identify the important aspects that contribute to the stressors identified and to better understand how several culturally based strategies can enhance reliance and coping mechanisms as illustrated for each scenario.


Plenary Session
Saturday October 16, 2021
8:00 – 9:30 AM PST

Latinx Communities and COVID-19: Working Hand-in-Hand with the US Congress to
Address Long-term Impacts of the Pandemic (CE)

Cristalis Capielo Rosario, PhD, Arizona State University
Fiorella L. Carlos Chavez, PhD, Arizona State University
Yolanda Evie Garcia, PhD, Northern Arizona University
Germán A. Cadenas, PhD, Lehigh University
Alison Cerezo, PhD, University of California, Santa Barbara
Delida Sanchez, PhD, University of Maryland
Lucas Torres, PhD, Marquette University

Research funded by the Ford Foundation, JPB Foundation, W.K. Kellogg Foundation, National Urban League, California Endowment, Weingart Foundation, and the California Wellness Foundation

Latinxs comprise the highest numbers of cases of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) infection at 1.9 times those of non-Hispanic White (NHW) people.  Latinxs are hospitalized at 2.8 times higher rates than those from NHW communities and death rates from COVID-19 for Latinxs are 2.3 times higher (CDC, 2021).  As a member of the Alliance of National Psychological Associations for Racial and Ethnic Equity, NLPA participated in a national, cross-association project launched in 2020-21 to assess the needs of Latinx communities with the express aim of informing U.S. congressional policymakers about the physical, economic, and mental health impacts of the pandemic.  Using evidence-based policy advocacy methods, NLPA collaborated with members of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus from the project’s inception to identify goals and funding.  Findings were shared with policymakers, along with recommendations for policies to begin setting in place how to mitigate mid- and long-term effects of the pandemic on Latinx communities.  Project results and next steps are reviewed, followed by a discussion of processes and strategies for using research findings to influence national policy.