2022 NLPA Presidential Welcome 

Cynthia E. Guzmán, Ph.D., MSCP

Director of Behavioral Health
Kewa Pueblo Health Corporation/Santo Domingo Health Center

Term of office: 2022-2023
[email protected]

Warm greetings to all,

Thank you for visiting our website and your interest in our organization. I
am Cynthia E. Guzmán (she/her/ella), Counseling Psychologist and 2022
President for the National Latinx Psychological Association. I identify as
a cisgender woman who is of Taína, African, and Spanish ancestry. I, along
with the Leadership Council, have the immense privilege and responsibility
to shepherd this professional community.

As advocates, activists, researchers, clinicians, academicians and student
trainees, we aim to fulfill the vision of our field and beloved NLPA in
this ever-changing societal landscape. We represent diverse backgrounds,
talents, gifts, and perspectives that allow us to help give voice to the
most vulnerable and give thoughtful attention to matters affecting the
well-being of the Latinx community. We acknowledge the wisdom of our
elders, our indigenous and Afro-Indigenous roots and seek to enhance the
lives of all from a holistic lens. We honor our communities in all aspects
and join in the fight against LGBTQ2S+ discrimination and elevate the
voices of marginalized and oppressed people. With open arms, the National
Latinx Psychological Association encourages your participation and
contribution to the psychological well-being of all members of the Latinx
community through service to this organization.

This year will bring additional challenges (and successes), both
professionally and personally, and our commitment will remain just as
strong. We will work toward reinforcing our organization’s infrastructure
and establish our strategic plan for the next one to three years so we can
ensure the advancement of our mission. We also look forward to hosting a
safe in person conference this October in Denver, Colorado after two years
of not being able to be united as a professional familia. Among our
priorities is to support the individual and collective healing around
racial trauma and dismantling Anti-Blackness and colonization within our
own organization and also our communities. I acknowledge that at times,
building an inclusive and safe space may seem like a moving target and yet
it is one we fervently pursue. If at any point, you wondered if NLPA was
right for you, I want to assure you that it is our collective intent to
show you in *action* that you are wanted and valued here.

My best wishes for positive energy, health, and blessings to you and yours.

Your servant leader,

Cynthia E. Guzmán, PhD, MSCP