Conducting Your Business Through a Latinx Lens: Considerations for Psychologists in Navigating the Current Context

3.0 CE | Workshop

Note: This same group of presenters provided a related workshop at the NLPA conference during the previous two conferences.

This year’s workshop expands on previous content to address in greater depth some of the areas last year’s participants expressed interest in, inclusive of current context complexities. This workshop will engage participants in all career stages in exploring important aspects of conducting a business. Topics covered include: a) developing a practice/small business or needing to re-work or refresh your existing business; b) what it means to be a psychologist and small business owner grounded in the strength of our Latinx identity and values; c) legal, considerations around developing and/or conducting a business; d) how Latinx psychologists can better serve their communities, be proactive advocators/social justice oriented while having a successful business; and e) integrating self-care in meaningful and effective ways. An important element of this workshop is the attention given to navigating all of these areas in the current context (i.e, COVID “new normal” transition, deep reckoning and renewed calls for activism related to racism). For example, the legal segment will include legal issues related to virtual practice, something that is evolving in the COVID “new normal” transition. Attendees will learn about and participate in discussions around how to value their work (e.g., negotiating contracts, setting fees), and a variety of other practice-oriented issues including, but not limited to insurance, practicing from a social justice and advocacy lens, naming your business, website presence and self-care in the current climate. Issues related to both private practice and psychological consultation businesses will be addressed as well as strategies and choices that make sense at different stages of career. Opportunities to pause, reflect and discuss around alignment with our Latinx values will be integral to this dynamic and interactive workshop.

Learning Objectives
At the end of this workshop, participants will be able to:
1. Discuss the difference between a sole proprietor and an LLC.
2. Identify two legal and two practice considerations that must be addressed when starting or conducting a business/practice and describe potential strategies for addressing these legal and practice aspects
3. Explain two ways that psychologists can incorporate social justice and advocacy into their small business/practice while supporting a successful business.
4. Identify three meaningful and effective self-care strategies that they can use in navigating the current context while developing/ conducting their business.

Program Type
Standard D.1.3.
Program content focuses on topics related to psychological practice, education or research other than application of psychological assessment and/or intervention methods that are supported by contemporary scholarship grounded in established research procedures.

Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara, Luminosa Psychological Association, Founder and CEO
Milton Fuentes, Montclair State University
Melba Vasquez, Private Practice
Ariel Alvarez, Montclair State University

Continuing Education
3.0 CE

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