From Science to Social Justice: Using Research to Inform the Needs of Latinx immigrants and communities.

NLPA would like to announce a new initiative featuring the work of our CNPAAEMI Leadership Development Institute - NLPA Fellow Dr. Luz Garcini. This project is entitled - From Science to Social Justice: Using Research to Inform the Needs of Latinx Immigrants and Communities.

Dr. Luz is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at Rice University concentrating on social determinants of health, Latinx health, health disparities, and methodology for hidden or hard-to-reach populations. She has extensive experience and expertise on the effects of trauma and loss on Latinx immigrant populations. Dr. Luz also recently played a prominent role in addressing APA’s Council of Representatives leading to passage of the following statement (See statement here).

Article: Death of loved ones is hard on undocumented immigrants by Amy Mccaig, Rice University

The death of a loved one is never easy to endure, but for undocumented immigrants, the psychological toll is particularly rough, according to new research from Rice University. "Miles over mind: Transnational death and its association with psychological distress among undocumented Mexican immigrants" appears in the journal Death Studies. It examines how the loss of a loved one who was living outside the U.S. impacts relatives living in the U.S. without documentation. Read full article here.


Video Credit: Rice University

Article:  DREAMers Living in the United States: A Contextual Perspective and Clinical Implications

“Mr. A,”an 18-year-old undocumented immigrant from Mexico, was referred for consultation to a community based psychology outpatient clinic after presenting to urgent care for symptoms of a severe ataque de nervios, or panic-like symptoms with no organic etiology… Read full article here.