Underrepresentation of Latinx Students in Conference Presentations

The Journal of Latinx Psychology recently published an article focused on the underrepresentation of Latinx students in conference presentations.

Latinxs were less likely to be presenting at conferences, even when they were studying at Hispanic Serving Institutions [also note that HSI is a designation about how many Latinx students are enrolled in a college or university and does NOT mean that the college or university is serving their Latinx students in any meaningful way]. 

The implications of this study are that we need more opportunities for Latinx students to be part of dissemination of psychological science. The 2024 NLPA Conferencia is a great way to get that experience-- most of the students who present at NLPA are Latinx. NLPA provides mentoring for Latinx students that can complement the mentorship they receive in their own institutions. And being part of research dissemination (even as a co-author) can help people get into graduate school, postdoctoral fellowships, or into the professional jobs that they desire.

Read the full article: https://psycnet.apa.org/doiLanding?doi=10.1037%2Flat0000230

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