NLPA Statement Denouncing the Recent SCOTUS and State-level Decisions on Affirmative Action and DEI Initiatives

The National Latinx Psychological Association strongly opposes the recent United States Supreme Court’s decision to overturn the rights of Harvard University and the University of North Carolina to consider the race or ethnicity of student applicants as a factor in its admission decisions. We are disappointed the court did not consider the overwhelming scientific literature that indicates exposure to diversity can improve the wellbeing and educational outcomes for all students. As noted in the amicus briefs filed by the American Psychological Association, prevailing psychological science indicates that campus diversity helps all students, and in particular, students of color experience less prejudice and discrimination, which can negatively impact their educational trajectory. We are deeply concerned with the fact that this decision will possibly decrease diversity on college campuses. Coupled with recent state-level decisions in Texas and Florida to ban Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) offices, we are increasingly worried about the negative impacts such actions will have on students and faculty of color. While these decisions evoke the concepts of equality and fairness their language, we are concerned that impact of these decisions and the message they send may embolden those who do harbor racist and discriminatory dispositions. FBI hate crimes data for 2021 shows bias-motivated attacks rose to the highest level on record. These decisions will have the greatest impact on those who have the least resources and the most barriers to obtaining equitable high-quality higher education. NLPA is committed to diversity, collaborating with other organizations and groups and to be “in community” to provide support and help students and communities of color achieve equitable education.  For assistance or support, please contact [email protected].

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