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Training & Fellowships

NLPA is passionate about the growth of its members in the Latinx Psychological community, which starts with students. NLPA offers student fellowship programs to provide students of Latinx psychology with the opportunity to advance in the research of their chosen field.

Violence Prevention and/or Treatment Fellowship

The Miami-based Melissa Institute for Violence Prevention is offering three awards of $2,000 each to graduate students addressing violence prevention and/or treatment. The award must be used for expenses directly related to the dissertation research. The application deadline is April 1st of each year and the annual selection is May 15th.

For more information contact the Melissa Institute at 786-662-5210 [email protected] -- their website is

Post-doc Training   

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Professional Development

Books & Articles

Research/Teaching Books  
  • Burrough Wellcome Fund Howard Hughes Medical Institute. (2006). Making the Right Moves: A Practical Guide to Scientific Management for Postdocs and New Faculty (2nd Ed). Download here
  • Gabrys, B. & Langdate, G.A. (2012), How to Succeed as a Scientist: From Postdoc to Professor. NY: Cambridge University Press.
  • Fiebelman, P.J (2011). A PhD Is Not Enough!: A Guide to Survival in Science (Revised Edition). NY: Basic Books.
  • Prinstein, M.J. & Patterson, M. (2003). The PortableMentor: Expert Guide to a Successful Career in Psychology. NY: Springer Science and Business Media.
Clinical Books
  •  Falicov, C.J. (1998). Latino Families in Therapy:A Guide to Multicultural Practice. NY:Guilford Press.
Latinx Related Books
  • Jean-Van Hell, Regina, (2007). Latino College Students' Adjustment:The Influence of Familism, Acculturation, and Social Support. In M.
  • Montero-Sieburth, M. & Melendez, E. (Ed.), Latinos in a Changing Society (pp.135-151).Westford,CT: Praeger Publishers.
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