2021 NLPA Conference | Video on Demand

The theme of 2021 NLPA’s conference focused on moving forward optimistically and addressing the different challenges Latinx populations face, particularly around social justice issues, and initiating policies that address those challenges.

Recordings from continuing education conference programming (symposia and workshops) are available for viewing. The 2021 NLPA Conference recordings are accessible via NLPA'  Learning Management System (LMS).

Workshops | 3.0 CE each
1. Poetry as data, data as poetry: Prosas de Resistencia
2. Immigration Enforcement, Human Rights, and Social Justice
3. Ending Chancla Culture: Reframing Latinx Family Traditions Towards the Preservation of Culture and Resilience for Bicultural Children & Families
4. Conducting Your Business Through a Latinx Lens: Considerations for Psychologists in Navigating the Current Context

Symposia | 1.5 CE each
1. Ánimo: Decolonizing and Healing Latinx Graduate Students in Training
2. Development, Design, and Initial Evaluation of a Culturally Tailored Intervention to Address COVID-19 Disparities Among Latinx Communities Across Oregon
3. Psychologist in Action: Outreach, advocacy and social justice in graduate clinical psychology programs
4. Impact of Immigration Policies and Practices on Latinx Immigrant Youth: Recommendations for Trauma-Informed Policies and Partnerships


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